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Ratio Click Cartridge Grip

Ratio Click Cartridge Grip

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This grip suits for follow machine: normal tattoo machine (Cheyenne hawk and inkjecta rotary combo)

This is aluminum cartridge grip, it is adjustable, it can adjust from 0 to 5 mm, this grip can suit for the standard needles

this grip size is 25 mm, the weight is 750 g

Designed for cartridge needles, suit for all cartridge needles in the marketing

Twist the grip to adjust the length of stroke, adjustment range: 0-5 mm

This grip can set to up adjustment or down adjustment, twisting one round adjusts 1 mm, twisting one grid adjusts 0.1 mm

There are three different length plunger bars inside, the sizes are 89 mm, 94 mm and 96 mm

the hand feeling of the grip is good, inside components are precision, sometime when you twist the grip, there is the friction sound, this is the normal situation

Made of aircraft aluminum, back stem is made by 304 stainless steel, surface is oxidation treatment

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